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Catcher's gear question...
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Subject: Catcher's gear question...
Posted by: John Hunting of brooklineyouthbaseball.org
Hey there, have a question about the rules pertaining to catcher's equipment. I was wondering about the difference between the full, hockey-style mask and the old-school style that goes over the skull cap. I recently purchased this facemask(http://www.baseballbargains.com/shop/allstar-lightweight-ultracool-catchers-facemask-fm25luc/) style that goes over the skull cap for my son who has recently picked up catching a big way. I got him this mask but a few of the parents at our workouts have made comments about some regulations or rules I was unaware of. In my nervousness, I just ordered this mask (http://www.baseballbargains.com/shop/mizuno-youth-samurai-catchers-helmet-g4-380192/) as well that looks a lot safer but I know it doesn't have that cool pro look my son wants. Should I bring both with me just in case? Or does anyone know how this aspect of the game is governed? Anything helps!  
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Catcher's gear question...  John Hunting   2 Years ago