Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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General Rules

Brookline Youth Baseball (BYB) offers the opportunity for boys and girls who live in Brookline or attend a Brookline school (public or private) to learn and play baseball at various levels from first grade through age 16. Introductory levels of play are noncompetitive, while more advanced levels are competitive. All levels of play emphasize skill development, team play, and sportsmanship.

Playing Rules

BYB’s Minor, Major A and B and Seniors Leagues use the official Little League Baseball playing rules as a standard guide, amended by BYB’s specific rules for each of these leagues. Current amended rules for each BYB league are posted on the BYB website (www.brooklineyouthbaseball.org). Violation of any rule may result in forfeiture of a game, ejection from a game, and/or suspension or expulsion from BYB.

President's Exemptions

The President of BYB has the right to make any ruling he/she sees fit to promote fairness and the goals of BYB, even if that requires an exemption from an existing rule.

Code of Conduct

BYB’s principal goal is to ensure an atmosphere of sportsmanship and civility. Other objectives, such as winning and personal performance, are secondary. The following Code of Conduct, which is based on these priorities, applies to all BYB games and practices.

All players, coaches, and spectators must:

  • Treat other players, coaches, spectators, and umpires with respect.
  • Refrain from: criticizing, insulting, taunting, blaming, or threatening another person; using foul language; and physically abusing another person.
  • Accept the decisions of umpires without complaint. (A head coach may question the application of a rule, but judgment calls may not be argued.)
  • Treat all equipment with care.
  • In addition:
  • Players must play by the rules of the game and accept coaches’ decisions without complaint.
  • Head coaches must monitor the behavior of their players, assistant coaches, and spectators, and must act immediately to put a stop to unsportsmanlike behavior when it occurs.
  • All coaches must follow the rules, treat each player as an individual, recognize and reward effort as well as talent, and promote sportsmanship.
  • Spectators are encouraged to cheer and show appreciation for good plays and efforts made by both teams, and may not challenge or criticize a coach’s decision.

Zero Tolerance Policy

In the event that a player, coach, or spectator violates BYB’s Code of Conduct, both the umpire and the league vice president (VP) are authorized to dismiss the individual from the field, and to stop the game and declare a forfeit if the individual does not comply. In addition, BYB reserves the right to impose further sanctions, including expulsion from the BYB program (without a refund of registration fees to players or their families).

Assignment of Coaches

All coaches involved in BYB are volunteers. To be eligible to serve as a head coach or assistant coach in BYB, an individual must be approved by the BYB Board of Directors, and must submit a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and/or Sex Offender Record Information (SORI) form to authorize a criminal record background check. These forms are available through each league’s VP.

Head coaches are assigned to leagues and teams by the league VPs. Usually, head coaches are allowed to choose their own assistant coaches, as long as those assistants meet the eligibility requirements stated above, but each league VP has the right to assign assistant coaches.


League VPs schedule regular season and playoff games, and consult the head coaches of the teams involved when scheduling makeup games. Each league VP also determines the playoff format for his/her league.

Spectator Viewing Area

Spectators who are not coaches must watch each game in the areas designated for spectators, and are not allowed on the field or in the bench area with the team. No spectator may stand behind the backstop during a game.


BYB provides the following equipment for each league:

  • Baseballs: safety balls in the Instructional and AA Leagues; modified safety balls in the Minor League; hard balls in the Major B, Major A, Pony, and Senior Leagues
  • Protective batting helmets
  • Baseball bats: aluminum and wood in the Instructional, AA, and Minor Leagues; wood only in the Major B, Major A, Pony, and Senior Leagues
  • Catcher’s equipment: helmet, face mask, throat guard, chest protector, mitt, and shin guards

Each player must have his/her own fielding glove, and each player at the catcher position must have and wear a protective cup. A player may use his/her own baseball bat as long as the bat meets league requirements. Players may wear rubber cleats or sneakers during practices and games. However, players may not wear metal cleats.


BYB provides uniforms for each player in each spring league, as follows:

  • Instructional, AA, and Minor Leagues: one team hat and one tee shirt
  • Major B League and above: one team hat, one tee shirt, and one pair of baseball pants

All players must wear the full uniform during all games. Players may keep the entire uniform at the end of the spring season.


Any questions or concerns regarding BYB should be directed to a member of the BYB Board of Directors. See the BYB website (www.brooklineyouthbaseball.org) for a list Board members and their email addresses.