Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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World Series Champions, Coach of the Year, Herb Silverman Sportsmanship Award and Pops Showstack Lifetime Achievement Award

BYB recognizes teams that rise to the top of our competitive spring leagues. In addition, we identify coaches and players whose participation in youth baseball reflects the code of conduct Mr. Herbert Silverman espoused during his many years of dedicated service to BYB and our community. Finally, the Pops Showstack Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed from time to time on those few individuals who make substantial and consistent contributions to BYB over a volunteer "career" that is consistent with the spirit of Nathan "Pops" Showstack. Congratulations to the awardees listed below and to all who practice, demonstrate, and teach the values espoused by our programs!
Coach of the Year
Senior League   Pony League Majors (fka Major A) AAA (fka Major B) AA (NL, AL: *WS Champ) (fka Minors)
2017           Reds   Royals   Giants   Royals*  
2016 Steve Altman         Astros              

Craig Chin and

Ian Roffman

2012           Red Sox Shimon Feuerstein            
2011           Orioles Peter Jones            
2010           Cubs Niles Breuer (Mariners) Dodgers   Blue Jays*      
Phil Thomas and Lynnell Andrews
Phillies   - - Cardinals Michael Nally Angels Nathan Brill Dodgers Alexander Blanton Orioles* Devorah Simon
Rick Cordner
Giants Shiraz Mumtaz Rockies James Trojnor-Barron
Cody Tipton
Cardinals        Nationals*      
John Bucci
Marlins Conor Frederick Athletics Joseph Myers
Morris Greenberg 
Tigers Ben Doughty Mets  Isabelle Heltai
Spencer Grant
Cubs   Red Sox*  Ben Rivitz
Danny Wisel
Phillies   Red Sox Jesse Schneiderman Mets Matthew Gladstone
Anne Davis
Marlins   Devil Rays  
Arlen Showstack
Devil Rays   Pirates Garrett Casey Reds Jonathan Lauriano
Hayato Mizuno
Dodgers   Twins  
Hank Hryniewicz
Giants   Orioles Jonathan Stevens Angels Kyle Reeve
Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines
Marlins   Athletics Annie Davis
Bob Colgan
Phillies   Orioles   Cubs Sam Michaels Dodgers   Athletics  
2002 Athletics Nori Reidt Dodgers   Tigers Andrew Ridker Reds   Athletics  
2001 Giants   Braves Rajesh Bhol Angels   Braves   Blue Jays  
2000 Indians   Dodgers Adam Jankelowitz Reds   Dodgers   Athletics  
1999 Giants   Tigers Casey McCourt
Joseph Tierney
1998 Royals   Dodgers Aaron Altman Angels          
1997 Royals   Braves Nick Kelley Phillies          
1996     Braves Jonas Master            
1995     Orioles Josh Miller