Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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(Revised March 9, 2014)

The T-Ball League is the introductory level of Brookline Youth Baseball (BYB).
To be eligible this spring, a player must be in Kindergarten during the spring.
League Format
The T-Ball League is a noncompetitive league that emphasizes skill development, team play, and
sportsmanship. At this level, players are taught the fundamentals of catching, throwing, fielding
ground balls and fly balls, batting, running the bases, as well as the general rules of the game.
T-Ball practices occur once a week on Sundays from 10-11:30 AM at the Lawrence School Field starting on April 27 and running through June 8. 
Teams of about 10 kids each will be created at the first practice on April 27th.  From then on kids should report to their coaches at Lawrence at 10 each Sunday. 
Every Sunday the first half of practice will consist of each team rotating through a series of stations:  Throwing, Fielding, Batting, Running bases.  The second half of practice will consist of a non-competitive game managed by the coaches where the kids get to put it all together.  Generally teams switch from fielding to batting after each kid gets a chance at the plate.  Games will end at about 11:30 or when each kid has had a turn or two at bat.  We will use the tee most of the time for batters, but may also try some coach soft toss as the kids progress.
T-Ball players should bring a baseball glove to practices.  The league will supply bats, balls, bases, and helmets.  We will also occasionally use wiffle balls and bats that the league will supply.  The league will also provide BYB T-Ball t-shirts that the kids will get at the first practice and should where to each practice after that. 
Rotating Positions
Players will be rotated among the various positions in the infield and the outfield over the course of the season.
Bench Area
To help maintain order, all players who are not at bat must remain seated on the bench, or on the ground in the bench area if there is no bench, at all times. No player, coach, or spectator may stand behind the backstop during a game. 

Each batter must wear a helmet in the on-deck area and throughout the at-bat.
Base Runners
Each base runner must wear a helmet until he/she returns to the bench.
Code of Conduct
BYB’s principal goal is to ensure an atmosphere of sportsmanship and civility. Other objectives, such as winning and personal performance, are secondary. The following Code of Conduct, which is based on these priorities, applies to all BYB games and practices.
All players, coaches, and spectators must:
  • Treat other players, coaches, spectators, and umpires with respect.
  • Refrain from: criticizing, insulting, taunting, blaming, or threatening another person; using foul language; and physically abusing another person.
  • Accept the decisions of umpires without complaint. (A head coach may question the application of a rule, but judgment calls may not be argued.)
  • Treat all equipment with care.
In addition:
  • Players must play by the rules of the game and accept coach’s decisions without complaint.
  • Head coaches must monitor the behavior of their players, assistant coaches, and spectators, and must act immediately to put a stop to unsportsmanlike behavior when it occurs.
  • All coaches must follow the rules, treat each player as an individual, recognize and reward effort as well as talent, and promote sportsmanship.
  • Spectators are encouraged to cheer and show appreciation for good plays and efforts made by both teams, and may not challenge or criticize a coach s decision.
Zero Tolerance Policy
In the event that a player, coach, or spectator violates BYB s Code of Conduct, both the umpire and the league VP are authorized to dismiss the individual from the field, and to stop the game and declare a forfeit if the individual does not comply. In addition, BYB reserves the right to impose further sanctions, including expulsion from the BYB program (without a refund of registration fees to players or their families).
Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather on a Sunday the League VP will send a group email to T-Ball participants letting them know if practice is cancelled.  Parents can also call the Town of Brookline s Recreation Information Line (730-2083 or 730-2084) to find out if the fields are closed because of poor conditions; the recorded message on this line is typically updated by 11:00 a.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. on weekends.
Any questions or concerns regarding the T-Ball League should be directed to the league VP. See the BYB website (www.brooklineyouthbaseball.org) for a list of VPs and their email addresses.