Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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1.  BYB Safety/CORI Officer:  Erica Crystal. 

2.  Availability

This Safety Manual is available to all coaches, volunteers and families on our website (www.brooklineyouthbaseball.org) or by e-mail at .  The Vice President of Equipment will provide this form in each equipment bag.

3.  Contact numbers

Emergency Phone Number: 911

Local Police Emergency 617-730-2222

BYB President – 617-396-7933

BYB Safety Officer – 617-949-6286


The Safety Officer will run a CORI check on all volunteers every year.

5. Coaches Clinic and PCA Training

Every Manager/Coach will attend this training at least once every 3 years.

6. First Aid/Concussion Training

Every Manager/Coach will attend this training once every 3 years.

7. Fields 

Coaches will walk/ inspect the fields prior to practices and Games. Umpires will also be required to walk the fields for hazards before each game.

8. Field Survey

The Vice President Fields shall survey BYB facilities.


9. Concessions 

If BYB has concessions, BYB will comply recommended safety procedures.

10. Equipment

The Vice President Equipment will Inspect all equipment in the pre-season.

  • Managers/ Coaches will inspect equipment prior to each game.
  • Umpires will be required to inspect equipment prior to each game.

11. Prompt Accident Reporting

Managers will report any accidents to the Safety Officer and President within 24-48 hours of the incident.

12. First Aid

The Vice President Equipment shall provide each Team an updated First Aid Kit.  Managers/Coaches shall have it at every practice and game.

13. Rules

ALL TEAMS to enforce ALL Little League and BYB Rules.

14. Forms 

BYB shall submit a qualified safety plan registration form with its ASAP plan.

15.  Roster Data

BYB shall submit all roster data to Little League using the on-line data center.