Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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Spring Baseball

Welcome to Spring! Spring Ball is BYB’s competitive season for all players in town. From Kindergarten beginners to 15 year-olds, our programs bring out the spirit of America’s pastime in everyone. Spring is the kickoff for an entire year of exciting baseball opportunities.  

Practices begin in early April and games begin right after April break. For the AA League and higher, the “regular season” runs to late May or early June with playoffs thereafter.  All teams enter the playoffs and are seeded based on their season records.

These are high-demand programs at every level, and it's very important to register prior to each year's registration deadline. Everyone who registers before the Registration Deadline will be placed on a team. BYB places your child based on his or her league age age, and/or skill level, as described below. In addition, we attempt to keep school friends together in the early years to the extent possible. Beginning in the AA League, team composition becomes more mixed in an effort to balance the teams as much as possible, and this also gives kids a chance to make friends from schools all over Brookline.

League Age

As a member of Little League, Brookline Youth Baseball uses Little League Internationals league age for determining which divisions a player is eligible to play in each spring and for Little League Tournament teams in the summer.  The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child as of August 31 of the current year.


T-Ball - League Age 6 year olds

T-Ball is structured as a weekly clinic offered to all Kindergartners in Brookline. The program will be on Sunday mornings at Lawrence Playground, 10:00 am - noon, beginning April 24, running through June 13. Kids will work with experienced BYB coaches on very basic skills, with an emphasis on activity and fun. For more information, please contact .

Single A (A) League – League Age 7 and 8 year olds

The A League is for first graders of all abilities.  Our mission is to teach sound baseball fundamentals and a love of the game.  We use an innovative station-based practice format that emphasizes, fast pacing, learning and fun. New players will learn basic skills from the ground up. More experienced players will take their skills to the next level through advanced drill work and skill competitions. And everyone will have fun playing in fast moving split squad games. 

A League games are coach-pitch, with rules that have been modified for younger players. The games will use our new split squad format that limits each side to just 5-8 players. The result is fast moving games that fully engage young players. No scores or standings, just fun! 

Teams will meet twice each week on either a Tuesday-Sunday or Wednesday-Sunday schedule. Weekday sessions start at 5:30 PM. Sunday start times will vary week to week, between 1:00 and 6:00 PM.  All sessions (practices or games) are held at Lawrence and will last roughly 90 minutes. Opening day will be some time in mid-April.

For more information, please contact .

Double A (AA) League – League Age 8 and 9 year olds

AA League is the beginning of competitive baseball for kids. AA League baseball focuses on the development of necessary game skills, including pitching.  Scores are kept, and the “real games” are played.  The season will begin with the use of pitching machines in games.  Players will also participate in pitching drills and clinics and games will gradually integrate kid-pitch. Kids will be placed on teams based on coach evaluations and there is an emphasis on creating balanced teams of kids from different schools. Teams meet 3-4 times per week for games and practices throughout the spring. For more information, please contact or .

Should my 8 year old play A or AA League?

The A League focuses primarily on teaching fundamental baseball skills. We play games, but we don't keep score. It's the right place for a kid who is just learning the game or who needs to build up confidence

AA League is an introduction to competitive baseball. We will keep score and have playoffs.  The kids will see pitching in the 35-40 MPH range, first from machines, and then from kids. It's the right place for a kid who has already developed the basic skills and has sufficient confidence to put them to work in competitive situations and against faster pitching.

All 7 year olds will play A League and we expect a majority of the 8 year olds to play AA League.

However, AA League is not the right place for all 8 year olds. A League is the right place for 8 year olds with little or no baseball experience or who would benefit from additional time to learn fundamental skills or build confidence before beginning competitive baseball.

AA is a two year league, so most if not all 9 year olds will play AA. That means that 8 year old choosing to play A League in order to develop their skills this year will rejoin their class next year.

If you are uncertain which league is the best fit for your 8 year old player please contact for guidance.


BYB’s programs for kids who have advanced past the AA League include AAA and Majors. Both leagues are competitive, with AAA being the first step toward the more competitive Majors league. Placement is based upon evaluation (see “Tryouts,” below) and the Majors league utilizes a player draft.

AAA  – League Age 10 to 12

AAA is a competitive league for players 10 and above where more advanced baseball skills are explored. Scores and standings are kept, teams are mixed from across Brookline, and many great friendships begin here. Coaches focus on specific position play, pitching effectiveness and hitting strategies. Three practices/games per week. Team composition favors parity between teams, and placement is at the discretion of the League VP. For more information, pleas contact Craig Wohlers.

Note: for 9 year olds with exceptional skill, joining the AAA League is an option. Placement will be based on evaluation (see “Tryouts,” below) and availability. For more information, please contact .

Majors – League Age 10 to 12

BYB’s most competitive league for players through age 12 (see “League Age,”) who perform at the top of their game. This league features a limited number of spots and teams, with excellent strategic play opportunities for the serious player. Teams will have an equal number of players in each age group (12s, 11s, 10s) to the extent enrollment numbers allow. Teams have 12 players, up to 4 practices/games per week, and there are standings and playoffs. A tryout is mandatory for all players, including players who are returning to Majors for a second or third year (see “Tryouts,” below) and players are drafted by Majors coaches. Every effort will be made to place kids that are League Age 12 in Majors but only if they register and attend a tryout. For more information, please contact .


Seniors League

Seniors is open to all 7th and 8th graders, including players who are also rostered on a school or AAU team. The program is an in-town, recreational league, played on the regulation 90-ft diamond and will finish the season with playoffs and a championship game.   For players who are also reserves on the Bandits or members of an AAU or school team, Seniors coaches will coordinate to make sure players get appropriate playing time and/or rest at their positions. For more information, please contact .

Brookline Bandits

For highly skilled players 13-14 years old who desire a more competitive, travel baseball program with year-round activities, Brookline Bandits are part of the EMIBL and EBL. Teams are formed in the fall and practice over the winter months.  Please visit brooklinebaseball.net to learn more about the Bandits program.


BYB holds tryouts as a means of evaluating players prior to the Spring season. It is also an opportunity to get everyone together for a kickoff to a new year, and it’s a lot of fun. Please keep in mind that the tryouts are for team placement only, and not to exclude any player. Evaluators will be on hand to assess your player’s skills, which will assist us in creating good teams of reasonable parity.

For all players who wish to advance to Majors, including all players who are league age 12, participation in the tryouts on one of the two dates is mandatory. A good performance is particularly important and we recommend advance preparation. All players league age 10 to 12 must tryout, including those in have already played on a Majors team.