Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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Scholarships are available by confidential request to the Commissioner.

Important note about allowing email communication: Most communication from BYB and from your coaches is accomplished by email. If you opt not to receive email from BYB you will not receive important scheduling and team information sent by your coach and by BYB board members. You will also not receive registration notices about future seasons. We do not distribute our email addresses to anyone for any purpose- even baseball-related. We occasionally send baseball-related messages for other groups, such as a local baseball camp or instructional program, but we do not allow such groups access to our actual email addresses themselves. Allowing us to communicate with you by email should never result in "spam" sent to your account. Please let us know immediately if you receive spam that you think resulted from sharing your email address with BYB - Thank you!

Mailing List

Please register here if you are new to BYB and would like to receive information about upcoming events, league and clinic registration notices, deadlines and updates, etc.

  • Just enter your email address at the "Account Sign in" window (two windows ahead) and click "Sign in". That's it!
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Please DO NOT register here if you already have a BYB account: that is, if anyone in your family has ever registered for any BYB activity in the past. In this case you should already be receiving information from us if you registered for any program within the past 12 months. Registering again will only create confusion.

Please let us know by email if you already have a BYB account but are not receiving information about current programs. This may occur if your last registration was more than 12 months ago. We will make sure you receive the information you need.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Open to: New Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/1900 and 01/01/3000