Brookline Youth Baseball

Code of Conduct

(Updated January 2011)


BYB’s principal goal is to ensure an atmosphere of sportsmanship and civility. Other objectives, such as winning and personal performance, are secondary. The following Code of Conduct, which is based on these priorities, applies to all BYB games and practices.


All players, coaches, and spectators must:

  • Treat other players, coaches, spectators, and umpires with respect.
  • Refrain from: criticizing, insulting, taunting, blaming, or threatening another person; using foul language; and physically abusing another person.
  • Accept the decisions of umpires without complaint. (A head coach may question the application of a rule, but judgment calls may not be argued.)
  • Treat all equipment with care.


In addition:

  • Players must play by the rules of the game and accept coaches’ decisions without complaint.
  • Head coaches must monitor the behavior of their players, assistant coaches, and spectators, and must act immediately to put a stop to unsportsmanlike behavior when it occurs.
  • All coaches must follow the rules, treat each player as an individual, recognize and reward effort as well as talent, and promote sportsmanship.
  • Spectators are encouraged to cheer and show appreciation for good plays and efforts made by both teams, and may not challenge or criticize a coach’s decision.


Zero Tolerance Policy:  In the event that a player, coach, or spectator violates BYB’s Code of Conduct, both the umpire and the league VP are authorized to dismiss the individual from the field.


Players, coaches, and spectators are also required to abide by the Brookline Recreation Department’s Youth Sports Code of Conduct, which applies to all youth sports leagues in Brookline and is available on the Recreation Department’s website.