Designed to teach sound fundamentals and a love of the game.

BYB FALL 2017 15
  • The program is for both players new to the game and for experienced players who want more time to work on fundamentals
  • Our goal is to provide players with the fundamental skills they will need to enjoy the sport at higher levels
  • Players will learn the basic rules of the game, teamwork and sportsmanship
  • A coach-pitch league with a station-based practice format
  • Split squad games maximize the action for players, with no more than 8 kids per side in any game
  • Players are grouped together by skill levels for station work and games to provide appropriate challenges
  • Teams will meet one weekday each week for a clinic style practice and on Sundays for a short practice session followed by a non-competitive game with an instructional focus
  • All events will likely take place at the Lawrence school playground
  • League placement is based on a combination of "league age", previous experience, and prior coaches’ evaluations
  • No tryouts are held
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Farm League organizer
  • Otherwise, just sign up and play!
  • The season starts after Labor Day and ends in late October
  • Weekday practices will start at 5pm in September and will move to 4:45pm and then 4:30pm, as the days get shorter in October
  • Sunday games are mostly scheduled in the afternoon with a few late morning games in some leagues

For more information, please contact VP - Fall FARM LEAGUE