We welcome players, new and experienced, ages 6 - 15

Spring Ball

Our goal is to bring the spirit of America's great pastime to everyone in Brookline!

Practices begin in early April and games begin, weather permitting, in mid-April and generally runs through late May (the older teams will have playoffs which extend the season into June).

As our most popular season, it is important that your child is registered before the deadline, guaranteeing him or her a team. Children registered after the deadline, will be placed on a first come, first served basis if there are spots available.

Your child will be assigned a team based on his or her grade, age, and/or skill level, as described below. In addition, we attempt to keep school friends together in the early years, if possible. If you have a group of children that you would like to keep together with a designated coach, please contact us.

Beginning in the AA League, team composition becomes more mixed in an effort to balance the teams as much as possible, and this also gives kids a chance to make friends from schools all over Brookline.

Ages 12 and under play on the small diamond, where socialization and skill development are of the greatest importance.

Ages 13+ play on the big diamond (Major League size) and focus on advanced aspects of the game.

As a proud Little League affiliate, we use the League Age system, which designates children by age generally tying to public school system designations. For more information about what LL Age your child is, please click here:

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What we hear from our players and families...

"Thank you coach, the season was EPIC."

— Peter

"The experience... was just the most amazing single experience we had.  We can say that for sure.  It impacted the whole family in a very positive way."

— Theo (Danish citizen, visiting US for a year)

"As a family, we enjoyed every minute of the experience.  The coaches were warm and supportive and our son learned so much."

— Lane