Should my 8 year old play Single A or Double A ball?

Our goal is that every player enjoy their initial experiences with baseball and BYB


SINGLE A - Players with little to no skills often benefit from more focused attention on fundamentals in our Single A League

  • Single A League focuses primarily on teaching fundamental baseball skills
  • We use slower pitching machines, play games, but we don't keep score
  • It is the right place for a kid who is just learning the game or who needs to build up confidence


DOUBLE A - Players who have some skills -- like those mentioned below -- and self-confidence benefit from the AA practices coupled with games vs. other teams where scores are kept

  • We keep score and have playoffs
  • Pitching machines are used, albeit a bit faster than in A League - as the season evolves, we introduce kid pitch
  • It is the right place for a kid who has developed some basic skills - catching a slowly tossed ball, throwing a ball straight, experience swinging a baseball bat - and, shows enough confidence putting these skills to work in a more competitive situation